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Thanks to all our Winter Season clients hope the new year is going well. Spring is vastly approaching! Please let us know if you need a reservation.

We have space for this Spring Break 2015!


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NOTE: All images on this website are from this facility and are dogs we have boarded and/or trained. All these pictures depict actual training results and experiences. Unlike some competitors that have corporate pictures of dogs that never were at their facilities.

Training Services

We are taking lots of training reservations for the upcoming Spring Season 2015. So let us know if you need some space or have a training need!

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Our training services include:

We would be happy to send more detailed information regarding any one of our services feel free to call our office or send us an email requesting more information.

Email Us at: triune@triunedogtraining.com

To find out more about our training methods just scroll down.

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If you would like to speak with someone, we would be happy to discuss any dog training question or boarding question you might have.

Because we are in and out of the office frequently please leave us a message and someone will contact you as soon as possible. Thanks for your interest in our services.

Office Phone #: 913-583-1747

Fax line #: 913-583-1808

Email Us at: triune@triunedogtraining.com

8410 Edgerton Road

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Learn about our methods to success:

Using the experience gained through over 20 years of dog training we thoroughly believe in our triune K9 training method. 

Where did we get our name from? What does Triune mean? Well Triune is defined as:  

 * triune * (adj.) Being three in one. Used especially of the Christian Trinity.

Our canine training methodology was derived from the definition of triune, (three being one). Our focus for every client and their canine training with our facility, is the application of all three triune training techniques.

Cockapoo SittingThese three techniques follow the psychology, physics, and mechanics of your canine.  In order for our training to provide our clients the success and quality they deserve, our canine instructors always examine every canine on all three of these aspects of your dog's personality.

None of the following behavior conditions will be turned away:

Aggressive behavior towards people
Fearful behavior towards people.
Aggressive behavior towards dogs or animals.
Fearful behavior towards dogs or animals.
Being kicked out of other training courses.
Environmental issues.
Old age.
Separation anxiety / destruction.
Obsessive behavior.
Has bite history.
Among many others.

GSD growlingNOTE: The above list describes dogs with more severe issues but we welcome all breeds and behaviors including puppies as young as twelve weeks old and dogs that just need help in the basic household manners.

Yel Lab young pupSome dog training facilities have a tendency to turn away some dogs with certain problems because of either lack of knowledge to solve the problem or in some cases they only want to train the simpler dogs.

Through our dog training methods you are provided with the control every pet owner needs, and deserves. 

Our training is also great for the person interested in agility, hunting, and/or using their companion as a therapy dog.  We have satisfied clients that have excelled in all of these categories. 

We train for the reality of the pet owners by not using treats to get the dog to respond. 

Note: All service dogs trained in the United States are trained without using treats. 

Border Collie town

Only through positive reinforcement are the commands taught.  Our hands and your hands will always be used as an instrument of praise and reward to build confidence. 

It is our belief that this method is more realistic for the pet owner. We can discuss all types of training collars and equipment to suit what your family is most comfortable with. We have experience with all kinds of devices and collars. Some are better than others.

Remember all dogs are trainable but not all dogs are suited to their family dynamics within the home. Let's explain. A dog's personality or hard working drive might prevent that dog from becoming the docile easy going pet that some families may be seeking. While some mellower easier going pets may lack the drive to complete more demanding extra curricular tasks.

GSD playing ball

Keep in mind with the proper follow through and homework you can change the way you interact with your companion. And have a happy new beginning.

Let us show you results and consistency using the triune method. Call or email now!

Office Phone #: 913-583-1747

Fax line #: 913-583-1808

Email Us at: triune@triunedogtraining.com

8410 Edgerton Road

Desoto, KS 66018