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Thanks to all our Winter Season clients hope the new year is going well. Spring is vastly approaching!! Please let us know if you need a reservation.

We currently Have Space Available  for this Spring Break March 2015!

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Dogs love it here!

Boarding Services

We are taking lots of reservations for the upcoming Spring Season 2015.  So let us know if you need some space!

We Still have Space for SPRING BREAK March  2015!!

Boarding Our Friends
Current Business Hours
Open Closed
Monday 7:30am 5:30pm
Tuesday 7:30am 5:30pm
Wednesday 7:30am 5:30pm
Thursday 7:30am 5:30pm
Friday 7:30am 5:30pm
Saturday 7:30am 12:00pm
Sunday Closed Closed

NOTE: We are a small business training and boarding academy so even though our business hours are posted above please realize we are in and out of the office frequently attending to training objectives and everyday maintenance projects. So a voice mail is much appreciated if you have a change in plans or would like to stop by for a visit.

Please Scroll Down To Learn More About Our Boarding Services:

Triune Training Academy, after numerous requests from ourdrivewayexercise training clientele expanded our operations to include boarding services in 1994. 

If you would like to schedule a time to visit, please get in touch with one of our representatives. 

Call our office number:

913-583-1747 or email us triune@triunedogtraining.com

Here Is a Description of Our Facility:

We are located on ten acres, the first five acres is surrounded by five foot chain link fencing.  Within that perimeter are large grass yards, which are separately fenced at four foot chain link.  These areas measure approximately 40' wide by 100' long.


All the dogs boarding or training at the facility, go outside twice a day for two exercise periods of approximately 1 hour each.  They are setup in play groups with other dogs. (As long as your companion is sociable.)  Otherwise, they will exercise alone in a yard by themselves where they will feel more comfortable. 

The play groups are set up according to size and personality.  While your companion is out playing they are constantly being monitored by one of the staff to insure that everyone is having a great time.

group exercisesupervising

The kennel building  is climate controlled with kennel spaces, which measure approximately  4' wide by 6' long and 6' high.  Some of the spaces contain tops, just in case, we have a canine visitor who can climb. 

All dogs boarding with us or training with us,  are provided with sheep skin bedding to sleep on over night. 

They also get music to top off the setting! 


Required Vaccinations:

All companions planning on staying at the facility must be current on the following vaccinations:

Please be ready to provide paperwork or a phone number to your regular Veterinarian to verify these records.  This practice is for the safety of your companion just as much as the dogs already staying with us!

Fax line: 913-583-1808

Current Boarding Prices:

Our prices are charged per night only!

0-49 lbs.
50-99 lbs.
100+ lbs.

These prices include:

Two exercise periods as described above, and food provided by Triune Training Academy, if desired.

NOTE: Sundays we are closed for clients and our office is closed. Please rest assured staff will be in to make sure your dogs will be taken care of properly and receive their exercise periods.

Our clients can choose between Iam's Products or Science Diet Products. These are the only two brands of products we currently carry.

Otherwise, you can bring along your own specific diet, there is no charge for food either way. 

Medications or special requests can be arranged at no additional cost to you!  We pride ourselves on treating your companion like one of our own!

Other Boarding Services Provided:

Bath Pricing
0-49 lbs.
49-99 lbs.
100+ lbs.

Extra Exercise can be requested for $4.00 extra per day of visit. (This would be an extra third exercise time or a walk with staff.)extraexercise

Triune Training Academy's Boarding Mission:

We are not in business to entice people with silk sheets and DVD's but instead we are focused on enticing your canine companion with our well maintained exercise areas in a rustic country setting, surrounded by beautiful trees, where your K9 kids can come stretch out and play.

We will treat your companion like our own with love and affection!

Office number: 913-583-1747

Email Us at: triune@triunedogtraining.com

8410 Edgerton Road

Desoto, KS 66018